We are a sustainable organic farming company "Bascon Agro and Multiverses Pvt. Ltd." located in the scenic city of Ang Pradesh, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India. Our main focus is on producing high-quality food while also embracing sustainable practices. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to employ eco-friendly methods such as organic farming, water conservation, and minimizing waste. Our love for quality food motivates us to provide our customers with the freshest and most nutritious produce possible. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and continuously strive to improve our farming methods for a better future.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Rajkishor Gupta

The CEO Of Bascon Agro And Multiverses Pvt. Ltd.! As The CEO, Hold A Significant Leadership Position And Are Responsible For Overseeing And Guiding The Overall Operations And Strategic Direction Of The Company.
Remember That Being A CEO Comes With Both Opportunities And Challenges. Effective Leadership, Communication, Decision-Making, And Adaptability Are Crucial For The Success Of The Company And The Fulfillment Of Your Responsibilities As The CEO. Best Of Luck In Your Role.

How May I Help You?

Bascone Agro and Multiverses Pvt. Ltd. 

Mirjanhat Chowk, Near Durga Sthan, PO – Mirjanhat, 
Dist. – Bhagalpur, Bihar, Pin – 812005 
Contact no. : 9135422890            What’s app no. : 9135422890 
www.basconorganiclife.com          Email ID : basconfpo@gmail.com

Bascon Rooftop Farming

You can grow chemical free fruits andvegetables on own terrace by the useof organic medium.

Bascon FPO Yojna

We also want to supply chemical freeproducts such as flour, rice, mustard oil,spices and others products.

Bascon Godhan Yojna

We are trying to provide Desi cow milk(A2 milk) of sum breeds like Gir, Shahiwal,Red Sindhi, Rathi and Kankrej.

Work With Me : For BhagalpurSmart City

It’s Great To Hear That You And Your Company, Bascon Agro And Multiverses Pvt. Ltd., Are Working On The Bhagalpur Smart City Project. Developing A City Into A Smart City Is A Challenging But Rewarding Task That Can Positively Impact The Lives Of Its Residents And Visitors.
As The CEO Of Your Company, Your Determination And Confidence In Making Bhagalpur A Smart City Are Important Qualities That Will Drive The Project Forward.
Remember That Transforming A City Into A Smart City Is A Gradual And Ongoing Process. It May Take Time And Perseverance, But With A Clear Vision And A Dedicated Team, You Can Make A Significant Difference. Your Commitment And Belief In The Project’s Success Can Be A Driving Force In Inspiring Others To Contribute To The Transformation Of Bhagalpur Into A Smart City.

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